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Umrah Umrah Umrah
Umrah is the small hajj witch can be preformed throughout the whole year. The ceremony takes between one to four hours, depending on how many people are at the place.

The four details with Umrah is:
1. The pilgrim suit.
2. Seven laps around the Sanctuary
3. A total of seven hikes between As-Safa and Al-Marwah
4. Shaving the head or cutting a part of the hair of the men, a woman cuts of a part of their hair.

The meaning with the hajj
• Getting closer to God and get a stronger faith during the intense period of spiritual training
• Get better compassion towards others
• Fight greed and become more generous
• Practice to live simply during the hajj period
• Practice to master your aggression
• Practice to refrain from sexual needs
• Exercise to maintain your calm, be humble and kind to others
• Practice not to speak unnecessarily
• A strong manifestation of equality, because everyone must wear two simple white garments and stand next to each other regardless of race, social class or origin.
• Make the Muslim community around the world more united and powerful

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