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    Terms and Conditions

Liability for the trips execution
Sky Office only mediates flights and are not responsible for any time changes, canceled flights, lost luggage or other occurrences that indicates with the flight. These occurrences are the airlines responsibility. With matters that indicate the airlines we ask you to contact the airline in question.

Terms and Conditions
(Only for flights, not car rental, hotels or cruises) We only mediates flights and are not responsible for any time changes, canceled flights, lost luggage, food- or airport charges that are not included in the flight price or other occurrences that indicates with the flight. These occurrences are the airlines responsibility. With matters that indicate the airlines we ask you to contact the airline in question.

Low cost airlines (Norweigan and others)
Sky Office has chosen to permit booking of low cost airlines to give our costumers a complete picture of the total range of flight.

Sky Office dose not have any further information about these bookings and cannot answer on any follow-up question. With matters that indicate the airlines we ask you to contact the airline in question. The payment of these bookings takes place directly at the booking moment.

Sky Office recommends cancellation insurance that includes bankruptcy insurance when you book a flight with a low cost airline. This insurance must be singed with the booking moment and costs 300 sek.

Ticket / Ticket Delivery
The airlines prefer that you travel with an e-ticket. The benefits for you to choose to travel with a e-ticket are many. Mainly you don’t need to pay for the management fees that can vary from 75 – 500 sek, depending on the airline. An other big benefit to travel with an e-ticket is that it never can be lost or stolen.

Some airlines have a demand on a FOID (form of identification). Here it is important that you put the airlines cars as an identification of the booking. This is done at the booking moment. When the payment is done a travel plan will be send to you. Its very important that you bring the card (that you put in as an FOID) and the payment confirmation with you on the trip.

If you travel with a paper ticket and it has not arrived to you five days after your payment, it is very important that you contact us. Sky Office dose not have responsibility if the mail delivery or a wrong written address. If a ticket is lost you need to contact the airline so they can print out a new copy of the ticket. The printing of the ticket usually takes place at the airport but can lead to an cost up to the whole ticket price. This cost is for you as the costumer to pay on the airport to the airline.

As a traveler it is you obligation to control your booking conformation before the payment. It is important that all the information is correct like times, dates, name, address etc. If something is wrong with your booking confirmation you need to contact us so we can help you find a solution to your problem. When a paper or e-ticket is printed, it’s often hard to change them. Usually a ticket cannot be canceled or modified.

If you choose e-ticket and it dose not exist for that particular trip, a paper ticket will be send to you with out any additional charge.

The booking is not binding until Sky Office has received the payment. If no payment has been done in time your booking will be canceled.

The payment usually needs to be done 24 hours after the booking. Information about the last payment day is stated on the booking confirmation. As soon as we received the payment you will receive the paper or e-ticket. When the tickets are printed they become locked and cannot be changed. These rules are set by the airlines and not by Sky Office.

How to pay
• Debit/credit card
• Direct payment through your bank
• Invoice through Wasa Kredit
• Installment through Wasa Kredit
• Cash at one of our offices

At payment though a credit card the billing is often done in two steps, one for the ticket (directly from the airline) and one for Sky Offices fees and if any insurance. When you pay with a credit card an extra fee of 99 sek will apply. Direct payment through your bank and cash at one of our offices are the payments without any extra fees.

We reserve us for any wrong prices, miss prints, technical problems or data errors beyond our control. Would a mistake appear would we contact you within 24 hours during the weekdays.

Cancellation/ Rebooking
A booking that is not paid automatically gets canceled. When a trip is paid for it cannot be changed or rescheduled. Some exceptions can be made for example at business class travel. If you cancel after you have paid your trip, there will be no refund.

Cancel before your departure regardless of the ticket. Cancellations made on our offices our by contacting us though phone.

At any rebooking Sky Office takes out a fee of 495 sek per ticket in addition to the airline's fees.

Cancellation insurance
We recommend cancellation insurance because a disease can never be predicted. It will allay for you, a family member or loved one suffer from acute illness, accident or death. Close relative means in this context, the insured's spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, father, mother and in-laws, person with whom the insured in a marital relationship with or someone in your party in your reservation. The cancellation insurance does not include any additional events such as car rental, hotels, theater tickets, etc.

Cancellation insurance is activated in connection with your payment. Thereafter, cancellation insurance is not refundable. If something happens during the trip, you must consult your insurance / travel insurance.

The ticket must be canceled prior to departure for the insurance to apply. After our opening hours please contact the airline directly for cancellation. You need to have a medical certificate from an insurance panel doctor. Medical certificates, cancellation confirmation and payment confirmation will be sent within five working days after the canceled trip to Accept Insurance AB, see more on

Cancellation insurance must be purchased at time of booking and costs 245 sek / adult and 149 sek / child (0-11 years). You get the ticket cost back but pay a management fee of 200 sek per ticket.

NOTE! Terms, claim, etc. can be found on / Sky Office.

Flight times
All flight times listed are local. If the itinerary would require overnight stays that are not played by Sky Office or the airlines.

Flight times may change during the trip. We recommend that you contact the airline 72 hours before departure to "reconfirm" your ticket if you are traveling outside Europe.

Sky Office conveys only air tickets and cannot be held responsible for any schedule changes or cancellations. This is solved directly with the airline.

Airlines distinguish between direct and nonstop flights. Nonstop goes directly non-stop to you destination, meanwhile a direct flight have the same flight number all the way but could make a stop along the way. This will be show on your roadmap / e-ticket.

Prices and Air taxes
Airfares are perishable, which means that prices and availability can change.

Flight prices are displayed including air taxes except departure from Thailand and some destinations in Africa and South America. Here you must also pay a local air tax which is about 100 - 200 SEK / person.

Once tickets are issued they cannot change prices unless the airline changes / cancel their flight. Would time / flight cancel the airline will try to find an equal solution, but if this would not work the airline usually pays back the full amount.

Travel insurance & protection against airline bankruptcy
This insurance is a complement to the travel insurance on your home insurance.

New trip or your money back
If you fall ill, you can get compensation for the days you lose. If more than half of the trip is lost because of illness, you and a companion get a replacement trip.

We pay your deductible
The deductible that you have in your home, car or car rental insurance is paid by this insurance.

Help on site
If something happens, you can get help on the spot.

In the event you signed bankruptcy protection, but the Sky Office has been re-charged on the card complaint goes right to use bankruptcy protection to Sky Office.

NOTE! For those who booked after January 1, 2010 we have changed insurers to Accept Insurance, conditions, claim, etc. can be found there.

Traveler's responsibility
It is the traveler's responsibility to read though the travel conditions before purchase.

The traveler agrees:
- To monitor e-mail when our correspondence is via e-mail.
- To check the booking details and payment confirmation. Any errors must be pointed out immediately. Paid booking applies.
- To notify Sky Office if you have not received any travel documents within 5 days after they are sent. If this is not delivered within given time period will not be liable for any Sky Office. Additional costs incurred in connection with the new travel documents must be issued.
- Always reconfirm their flight booking at the residence for more than 72 hours. Applies for flights outside Europe.
- Always check the flight schedule with the airline (it happens that airlines change their flight times at short notice).
- Possession of a valid passport and any visas and vaccinations required obtained prior to departure. This also applies to transit visa at the stopover. The passenger self stands for these costs.
- To have adequate travel insurance.

For double bookings, Sky Office is not responsible when the airlines cancel all locations. More than nine persons cannot be book on the same flight, not even divided into several reservations.

Any problems or complains during the trip are forwarded directly to the supplier (airline, car rental companies, hotels, etc.). Demanded compensation for additional costs you must have receipts for these as well as written confirmation of any agreement between you and the supplier. If you receive any reimbursement or compensation directly from the supplier, normally the right to compensation goes away. Complaints that are not replaced / compensated during the voyage of the supplier are made directly to Sky Office for investigation.

Complaints are handled only in writing in the complaint form no later than 2 months after homecoming. Handling time is about 3 months. Mail on info@Sky

Promises need to be confirmed in writing to the customer

PUL, Privacy Act
Sky Office personal information we receive goes to PUL, Privacy Act. Our treatment of personal data is of course consistent with the Privacy Act (PUL) and other relevant laws for the protection of personal privacy.

When you book or order, you leave us with personal information which processes’ electronically such as name, address and credit card number. Sky Office only disclose your personal information to third parties if necessary to implement, administer, and receive payment for your order. Third parties include, for example, the airlines, hotels and car rental company you booked through us.

We only use your personal data for marketing if you admitted it. Otherwise, they are used only to carry out the purchase you make. Sky Office is actively working to prevent abuse and loss of personal data.

A cookie is a small text file containing information that your Internet browser (ex Internet Explorer), store in your computer. A site can have one or more cookies with information that can be accessed by the website when the user's Internet browser visiting the site.

The information in the cookies will vary from site to site, but usually it's about information that improves the user experience of the website. It is also common that they are used for session management and statistics.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, which entered into force on 25 July 2003, everyone who visits a website that uses cookies gets informed about what cookies are used for and are given the opportunity to refuse such usage.

Sky Office uses cookies to keep statistics, and session management. We do not save any personal information in cookies.

Since Sky Office uses cookies in its session management, this function must be activated for you to be able to have access to Sky Office.

Other Information
Sky Office or the airline will not pay for transfers between airports if you choose this option.

Round-trip tickets:
If you want to use only a part of a round-trip ticket we recommended single tickets. You cannot only use the return flight on a round trip ticket. If you do this whole trip is canceled by the airline.

When traveling to the U.S., it is tougher conditions on passport and requirements for machine-readable passports. Check with the American Embassy what you need to do. When traveling to the U.S., airlines have also requirement to provide passenger data to the U.S. authorities.

Special baggage:
We don’t deal with requests concerning reservation of special baggage, for example: windsurfing boards, guns, bikes and more. In these cases, we recommend you to do the flight booking directly with the airline.

Service level:
Upon booking, you choose the level of service desired. When you select BAS service we charade you by the minute. As customer service issues, manage schedule changes and other processing of your trip.

Unaccompanied children and dogs:
We're unable to manage routine around unaccompanied children or accompanying pets but recommend that you contact the airline directly for the entire booking.

Infants may not have their second birthday during the trip, if it dose you need child ticket purchased 2-12 years

NOTE! Tickets are personal. You cannot change the name on airline tickets this counts as a cancellation. Remember to enter the names exactly as they appear on the passport, first name and surname, as well as to specify the right people at any fellow passengers.

To make a booking with Sky Office you must be 18 years old or have parent's signature.

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