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Arbil Arbil Arbil
Erbil is one of the world's oldest cities and also the city in the Middle East that has developed the most in the recent years. Here you will find a mixture of historical monuments and new buildings. Erbil has recently become a safe investment card for companies around the world which has resulted in the city’s tourism has increased dramatically.

Erbil just like Baghdad has a very culturally diverse selection of food with influences from both India and the Mediterranean. Much of the food is locally produced and residents usually prefer strongly flavored dishes. Here you can find world-class restaurants serving real tasty food from both the Arabic and Kurdish cuisine. Shop in the city's many new modern shopping center where famous brands from all around the world gathered. Traditional shopping of souvenirs and crafts are done best at the bazaar in the city center, citadel, whereyou can find everything from spices to gold. Citadel is in the heart of Erbil and a great attraction because of the history the place is holding. The whole city was founded and has grown from this spot and also provides a beautiful view of Erbils city center. Evenings are well spent on one of the city's many parks where everything from theme parks, playgrounds and restaurants are offered in a beautiful setting.

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