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Sky Office collaborates with Wonder Cruises that offers many of the world's leading cruise lines for the most affordable price. Which ship you like or will like best is mostly about taste. What atmospheres do you like the best and what is important to you? To make the choice easy, we have developed our shipping and ship presentations.

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Kryssning Azamara Club Cruises

2007 acquired Royal Caribbean two ships that were both significantly smaller than the rest of the fleet. The idea was that they would fly the sister shipping company Celebrity Cruises' flag, but instead founded a completely new brand: The exclusive "boutique shipping company" Azamara Club Cruises was born. The two sister ships were named Azamara Quest and Azamara Journey. On board is the level of food high, with only 700 guests the cruise experience will be relaxed.
Kryssning Carnival Cruises

Carnival Cruises is the world's largest cruise company. They have managed to reach the top by offering a very affordable cruise mainly for the U.S. market. Vessels calling the shipping company itself for "fun ships", a name very well describes the cruise experience. The décor is anything but discreet and dominated by neon, bright colors, and imaginative touches. The shows are high class and everywhere is the energy level high - many would call Carnival Cruises ship "a floating Las Vegas."
Celebrity Cruises

Since its inception, Celebrity Cruises ambition has been to offer luxury with the great ship's variety of restaurants, entertainment and activities. The level of service is very high and the food is one of the main attractions.
Kryssning Classic International Cruises

As the only international shipping company provides Classic International Cruises provides cruises in Swedish with several departures from Gothenburg in the summer. The cruises are completely designed for Swedish travelers with Swedish cruise hosts and programs, menus and tours in Swedish.
Kryssning Costa Cruises

Under the slogan "Cruising Italian Style", Costa Cruises offers life affirming cruises with an atmosphere from the southern Mediterranean. Whether you are cruising in the Caribbean, Mediterranean or Asia, Italy is never far away.
Kryssning Cunard

Cunard has a history dating. It begins in 1840 and includes several legendary ships from the classic era of ocean liners. Their most famous ship of all time was Queen Mary, owner of Atlantic blue ribbon after crossing the classic route Southampton - New York in record 1939th.
Kryssning Disney Cruises

Disney Cruises offers an extremely family-friendly cruise experience colored by nostalgia and rich history. In many ways, the shipping company said to be a natural extension of the Disney Theme Parks. Onboard rests a fairytale ambience of a bygone era and hosts lavish shows based on Disney's famous films. At anytime Mickey Mouse can appear around the corner.
Kryssning Holland America Line

With it’s almost 140 years long history, Holland America Line belongs to an exclusive group of classic cruise lines. Already in 1873 sailed their Rotterdam for the first time from Holland in the direction of America and New York. Today is visited more than 300 destinations spread across the world's seven continents. The vessels are much larger, more modern and more luxurious - but part of the feeling of a bygone era remains.
Kryssning Hurtigruten

The Norwegian Hurtigruten is quite far from a classic cruise line. On board offers no casino, no pool deck, no extravagant shows and lavish buffets. Instead, it lets the tremendously beautiful fjords of Norway providing the entertainment. The view is accompanied by naturalist who lectures on the magnificent scenery outside the ship.
Kryssning MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is a cruise experience colored by Italy. The atmospheres on board MSC Cruises’ ships are clean, sober and elegant. The Italian mentality is characterized by a passionate, life-affirming energy and the atmosphere on board MSC Cruises' ships are no exception. The food served is predominantly from the Italian cuisine. For all those who for some reason do not like pasta, prosciutto or tiramisu there are always options on the menu from around the world. Noon in the main restaurant is the fixed sittings applied, but the last vessels have also specialty restaurants as alternatives.
Kryssning Norwegian Cruise Lines

Despite its name, Norwegian Cruise Lines is a U.S. shipping company with a modern and young fleet. The cruise experience is characterized by flexibility. On Norwegian Cruise Line ships there is no dinner times to suit or dress codes to follow. Both before and after the sun has set abuzz with activities for all age groups. Without the "have to’s" lands all in a casual atmosphere that is both full of energy and relaxation at the same time.
Kryssning Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises is one of the world's most affordable luxury cruise. Since its inception in 2003, the Company successfully provides destination-rich cruises with a focus on food and service of the highest caliber. Oceania Cruises calls the style and dress code on board for "country club casual", which goes very well with the company setting "what you want, when you want it." The ambiance is elegant - the decor breathes traditional luxury in every detail, from polished dark wood to extensive art collections.
Kryssning P & O Cruises

P & O Cruises is the most popular shipping company in the UK market. The roots can be traced back to 1837 when the "Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigational Company" began to carry passengers and mail by sea to Spain and Portugal. Over the years, including the classic ship "Canberra" belonged Company's fleet. 2003, P & O Cruises part of Carnival Cruises - the world's largest cruise group.
Kryssning Princess Cruises

At the end of the 70s the popular TV series "The Love Boat" was sent for the first time. The main character was loaned by Princess Cruises and was a white-clad beauty with the name "Pacific Princess". Since then, the vessels become much larger, but the shipping company has been careful to maintain a romantic light of the cruise experience. Princess Cruises is still "The love boat".
Kryssning Royal Caribbean

Since the Song of Norway was introduced in 1970, Royal Caribbean has built the largest and most innovative ships. The biggest of them all is the Oasis / Allure of the Seas - the world's by far the largest cruise ship.
Kryssning Seabourn

Seabourn belongs to a select group of companies who really do anything to brighten your cruise experience with luxury in every detail. On board, the atmosphere is elegant without being extravagant. The ships are small, all the cabins are extremely well appointed suites and the food is top-class. In addition, Seabourn is known for its service.
Kryssning SeaDream

Seabourn belongs to a select group of companies who really do anything to brighten your cruise experience with luxury in every detail. On board, the atmosphere is elegant without being extravagant. The ships are small, all the cabins are extremely well appointed suites and the food is top-class. In addition, Seabourn is known for its service.
Kryssning Silversea

Silversea belongs to a select group of companies that rise above the crowd when it comes to delivering a five star cruise experience. The ships are small - the number of passengers is max 540 - making it possible to deliver a highly personalized service and dining experience at the highest level.
Kryssning Star Clippers

Star Clippers is a cruise line that is a sailing ship. This makes sure to appeal to the Sailor in you and your more adventurous side. On board there is no casino or extravagant shows offered. Dedicate yourself instead to feel the wind filling the sails, climb into one of the five masts, or relax in the network at the very front of the bow. As a guest, you also get the opportunity to learn the art of tying knots and navigate by the stars.
Kryssning Thomson Cruises

Som en del av TUI, världens största resekoncern, erbjuder Thomson Cruises prisvärda informella kryssningar. Kryssningsupplevelsen påminner om en chartersemester, men har även inslag från den traditionella kryssningsvärlden med bland annat shower, kasino och poolaktiviteter.

Flottan består av små klassiska fartyg som har införskaffats från andra rederier och sedan uppdaterats. Thomson Destiny var en gång i tiden Royal Caribbeans banbrytande fartyg Song of America , Thomson Spirit/Celebration seglade tidigare för Holland America Line. Det senaste tillskottet, Thomson Dream hette tidigare Costa Europa.
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